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Musée des Ecritoires et Ancienne Salle de Classe

This museum is mainly devoted to writing instruments and their evolution in the course of time.

Arranged by style, material or themes, objects are accompanied by a multitude of illustrations showing the different historical periods, ,thus allowing the visitor to see and better understand objects once in current use. Since July 2008 it has been equipped with an audio-guide (EN-FR). We hope that this unique museum is a valuable cultural offer in the Grand Duchy as there exists only a similar one in Switzerland and in Southern France


This former class-room is an accurate replica of an ancient school-room.

You will find school benches as in the old days, an abacus which is the proud predecessor of the electronic calculator and many more antique utensils. The old-day school environment will plunge you right back into the history of your ancestors who studied with those materials and means of the past.

Open Time
11:00 – 18:00 h (du samedi au dimanche)
18:00 – 20:00 h (du mercredi au vendredi)
Phone. 003522780961